About Us

Learn more about 417 Helmets and see who we are and what we do.

Why Choose 417Helmets?


Our helmets are authentic and of superior quality! Our product lines include well known brands, such as Schutt and, Riddell Mini Helmets.


We go out of the way to make sure we provide you with the best service and products money can buy. You are a valued customer.

Custom Orders

Are you looking for something that is impossible to find? We can help. With our ability to print custom, we can make just about anything!

We make custom and professional helmets

417 Helmets started as a hobby. Our initial project was recreating the original AFL helmets. As we took on that challenge we quickly realized we’re not alone in our interest and desire to bring football memories back to life. Over the last few months we’ve had the pleasure of creating various hard to find treasures for you, the hardcore fan.

Treat Yourself.

In the coming months and years we hope to have the opportunity to meet many more of those die hard fans. Whether it be your favorite NFL or NCAA teams helmet, or a retro helmet reminiscent of your past, we can help. Perhaps you want a custom creation from your high school glory days. Either way, we would like to thank you for checking out our website and hope that this will be just one of many visits and opportunities that we will have to meet your needs.